Time to meet the Band and get to know them a bit!
Larry "LV" Vance-Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals, Musical Director and Fearless Leader! This band has been Larry's lifetime dream. Armed with his '59 Gretsch he provides the melodies. He is the band Coach and disciplinarian. He encourages everyone, but if you mess up you get a talk at the kitchen table from Larry. All band members live in fear of this.... Some ex-members have never been seen or heard from ever again!
Steve Cook-Keyboard, Lead and Backing Vocals, Beer Supplies.
Pete Hall-Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Lead and Backing Vocals. Pete has played with everybody and their brother. He gets around more than Runaround Sue!! His professionalism, easy-going style, and driving bass have brought stability (and relief!) to the band.
Tommy Vale -Saxophone, Lead and Backing Vocals. He comes from a family of musicians and has been playing all his life. The power of his musical talent is a great asset to the band and is only dwarfed by the amount of money we pay him.
Gary Shall-Drums, Sound, Bookings, and Bad Puns. Gary is the man to see if you want to book the band!
Kristen Cook, Lead and Backing Vocals. This band is a real Family Affair.